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So, you already know that Pashion is a fashiontech startup creating the world’s first fully convertible heel. But who’s behind the idea? What’s our story? Great questions – you’ve come to the right place.

Pashion Footwear got it’s start when Founder Haley Pavone suffered a high-heel related injury at her sorority spring formal in 2016. As a consequence of abandoning heels to break out her barefoot {& totally killer} dance moves, she was impaled through the toe by another woman’s stiletto. YIKES!!! Haley quickly realized that although not all women have necessarily experienced something as extreme as impalement, each and every woman in her life had a story revolving around the pain, inconvenience, and injuries associated with high heels. A trained entrepreneur, Haley saw an opportunity to make heels way more practical…through the creation of the world’s first fully convertible high heel.


CoFounder and CTO, Tyler Unbehand, was brought on in the Fall of 2016, as the brains behind the shoe’s mechanical design. Together, Haley & Tyler made quite the dynamic duo, using their combined business and product know-how to win the two innovation-based competitions hosted on their college campus. The victories earned the team $16,500 in equity-free funding, propelling them through their first prototypes and securing Pashion Footwear a spot in the Cal Poly Hot House Summer Accelerator class of 2017. The three months spent in the accelerator proved to be a major turning point for the company, in which the pair hired on their first team members, created wearable 3D-printed prototypes, filed a provisional utility patent on the technology, located a manufacturer and formally incorporated the company.


Now, the team has grown to a proud 20 #Pashionistas, and we are all hard at work bringing these convertible shoes to feet near you A.S.A.P. Want to stay up to date with everything the team is working on? Make sure you’re following us on Instagram, and subscribe to our blog below.





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