About Us

So, you already know that Pashion is a fashion startup working to create the world’s first fully convertible heel. But who’s behind the idea? What’s our story? Great questions. Check out the bio for each of our founders and how they came to work with Pashion:

Founder & CEO – Haley Pavone

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Haley always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. She majored in Business Entrepreneurship at Cal Poly SLO, where she gained the skills necessary to put a startup in motion. But the question was, which idea should she run with? In 2016, while attending her Alpha Chi Omega spring formal, Haley noticed the majority of her sorority sisters (herself included) took off their high heels when it was time to hit the dance floor. When she got home at the end of the evening, her bare feet were battered and bruised from being stepped on, and her unprotected soles were pitch black with grime. As she soaked her aching feet in the bathtub, she thought to herself, there has to be a better way! At that moment, the idea for Pashion Footwear was born. Three months of research later, Haley pitched her innovative concept for a transitional high heel to the Cal Poly Hatchery Program, and was accepted on the spot. Now she spends her days developing the Pashion brand as head of marketing, concept design, patent drafting, capital campaigns, and business administration.


CoFounder & CTO – Tyler Unbehand

Tyler Unbehand, was the next to join Pashion’s team. Tyler grew up in Orange Country, California, and has loved hands-on science since she was a kid. She followed her heart and began pursuing a BS in Industrial Technology & Packaging at Cal Poly SLO in 2015, where she has been developing her design ability, operations knowledge, and mechanical skills. A fellow Alpha Chi Omega sorority sister with founder Haley Pavone, Tyler was excited to hear about Pashion, and knew she had to be involved on the ground floor. She is a vital member in bringing Pashion’s vision to life overseeing prototyping, product design, and production initiatives.

Soon after Haley and Tyler began working together, they realized they were on to something with big potential. Initial target market research revealed that the Pashion concept has a much larger audience beyond college sorority events. It’s the perfect solution for working women of all ages who need transitional footwear that can adapt to their active lifestyle. No more commuting in tennis shoes and toting a pair of heels for business or after-work activities! Pashion Footwear is the answer women have been looking for. Now, still under a year into company development, the buzz about Pashion is steadily growing. Haley and Tyler are incredibly proud of how far the company has come in such a short time, and excited to see where this journey will take them.

We at Pashion can’t wait to get the world’s first fully convertible heels out of our sketchbooks and onto your feet. Join us on our journey by signing up for updates on our progress and our initial launch date!