5 Reasons You Need Convertible Heels

By Ariana Burton

 Woman posing for picture


1. You are a badass. 

     How many places have you gone today? How many miles have you walked? These are real concerns when you’re wearing heels. In this day and age, women are everywhere, from the board room to the kid’s soccer game, from the classroom to wine tasting, from girls day out to date night, or from the wedding to the bar.

Women. Are. Everywhere. And yeah, heels may look hot, but that only goes so far if you aren’t feelin’ hot.


2. Carrying sneakers in your purse sucks. 

     Do you really want shoes that have touched dirty streets, literal dirt, maybe gum, maybe dog poop, fraternizing with you phone, keys, lipstick, etc? No, no you don’t. Because that is gross. 

Stop doing that. Really, just stop. 

Also, what if you want to carry a clutch, or one of those trendy mini bags? Can’t bring sneakers now, so you’re bound to suffer. 


3. You now have to choose two pairs of shoes that look good with your outfit. 

     Say you find a way to avoid the grossness of shoes in your purse. Okay, that works but, now you need to pick out not only one but, two pairs of shoes that look cute with your outfit. I don’t know about you, but finding one pair is usually all I have in me. 


4. Don’t go barefoot. Please, just don’t go barefoot. 

     Alright, so you winged it, went out in those 6” stilettos, didn’t bring a back up pair of shoes and you now want to cut your feet off.  We feel you. We’ve all been there. Say you make it home without stepping in the before mentioned items like gum or dog poop, or god forbid glass or a nail, your feet still hurt and now they are also disgustingly dirty. 

Please, don’t do it anymore. 


5. Convertible heels are a true show stopper and conversation starter. 

     Envision it now, you’re walking down the street in San Fransisco, decide your feet are tired, you pull your foot up to your hand, twist your heel off and wa-lah, there are 3 women asking you what the heck you just did. And they’re jealous, very jealous. 

     Better example, you’re at a wedding and dinner is over and the dancing is beginning. You head toward the dance floor and twist those heels right off. Every bridesmaid, guest, even the bride herself I bet is jealous. You’re now free to dance as you please and momentarily you are the star of the show but the bride doesn’t even mind.


Well, there you have it folks. You need convertible heels. 


With love always, 

Ari your resident country girl that is obsessed with high heels.