Best Shoes for Holiday Parties

By Justyn Wolf

Keep up at your holiday parties this season with Pashion Footwear convertible high heels. We all know how it goes, you want to look great at your holiday party (duh), so you pick the perfect outfit and heels to compliment your choice. You make it to the party, everything is going great, you look amazing and feel like a badass, then boom. That inevitable pain starts to creep up on you at the worst time possible. You can take your shoes off and go barefoot (gross), you can pull a pair of back up shoes out of your bag (even more gross), try to deal with the pain and suffer the rest of the night, or leave. Honestly, we all agree that these “solutions” are pretty lame.

Instead, make convertible high heels your best friend at your holiday parties. You can take control over your night without having to compromise your outfit choice or letting your ankle pain tell you when it's time to stop the party. Not to mention, no matter what showstopping outfit you choose, these heels (or flats) will match anything you could possibly own.

Don’t let foot pain stop the party, that’s just lame. Instead, head to our website to find your favorite convertible heels today! We hope to see you Pashionistas living it up this holiday season!


Justyn Wolf