Convertible Heels: The Gift to Add to the Top of Your List

Convertible Heels: The Gift to Add to the Top of Your List

By Justyn Wolf

Hey, Pashionistas!

The holiday season is just around the corner, so as the nights get longer and the festive cheer gets closer, take the time to cozy up and get started filling out that holiday wishlist of yours! Maybe even grab a hot chocolate and throw on your favorite sweatpants, we won’t judge! We know that finding just the right gift to ask for can be difficult, that’s why we’ve got you covered with the gift that you’ll want to put at the very top of your list. Cut to the chase this year and ask for the gift that is timeless, versatile, convenient, and perfect for any season! 

As shoe lovers, we agree that you can never have enough shoes, so instead of choosing between a heel or a flat, score with both in one convertible heel! You heard that right, two shoes in one. It’s easy for them to give, and twice the fun for you to receive.

We’re not just stopping at a convertible heel, these shoes are also customizable. When you receive your dream pair of Pashions this holiday season, you can order heel kits in the future to elevate your look and further customize your convertible heels to match your style, your event, or simply change up your look! From various colors of our classic stiletto and our modern block in three or four inches, you’re sure to find your perfect match. Better yet, stay tuned for decal block heels that will be joining us this season. Soon enough you’ll see metallics, sparkles, and pearl heels available on our website. You heard that right, two shoes in one have just become three shoes in one. Now you can ask for heel kits for the holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays to come. Convertible heels are truly the gift that keeps on giving!

You can also choose from our versatile styles that will transition from season to season! If you're looking for something simple and classic, go for a solid, neutral color. If you're going out or want to jazz them up, BOOM throw on one of our fun heel kits and go wild. The possibilities are endless. From three styles, 13 colors, and plenty of heel kits, you're sure to find just the look you’re going for. If you need some convertible heel outfit inspiration, check us out on Instagram @pashionfootwear to see some of our favorite OOTDs. 

When filling out your list this year, make it easier for you and your gift-giver by asking for the gift that is fully customizable, versatile, and will effortlessly take you through the year! Now we’re talking about some real #giftgoals.