Deck the Halls with Pashion Footwear!

By Madeline McPhail

Hey Pashionistas!  

It’s been another amazing week here at Pashion Footwear, and we can’t wait to share a few updates with you.  

seminar meet

Last Saturday, Pashion Footwear hosted a dinner with team members, their families, and company investors to celebrate the official launch on Kickstarter and to thank everyone for the amazing support along the way.  The dinner took place at the Hot House on Higuera Street in downtown San Luis Obispo, and was catered by Taste restaurant. Haley Pavone, CEO of Pashion Footwear, gave a speech, thanked everyone for their support, gave out awards, and showed Pashion Footwear’s Kickstarter video.  It was a great time to get to know others, learn more about the company’s history, brainstorm ideas for the future, and, of course, celebrate the world’s first pair of convertible high heels!

group of people smiling for picture

Lexy Gulden, Pashion Footwear’s Director of Human Resources, was a primary component in planning and executing the event.  Lexy says, “Working at Pashion has been such an incredible experience for me. I have watched Haley bring this idea to life for the past two years, and I never imagined I would be lucky enough to share part of the journey with her! The best part of being on the Pashion team is having the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most creative, intelligent, and hard working people I’ve met!”

Pashion Footwear photo

In addition, Pashion Footwear hosted another booth at Avanti Clothing Boutique on Higuera Street in downtown San Luis Obispo.  Pashion Footwear hosted this booth so that more pashionistas could see the shoes and learn about the company’s kickstarter campaign. Pashion Footwear will be hosting booths on a few Saturdays this summer and into the school year - be sure to stop by!  

Looking to get your Christmas shopping done early AND to give the most unique gift under the tree?  Look no further, Pashion Footwear has the solution for you! Pashion Footwear’s first shipment of Pashion heels from kickstarter will arrive by early December 2018.  Yes, that’s right, if you order Pashion heels now on kickstarter, you can give all the women in your life the world’s first convertible heels for Christmas!  

Pashion Footwea gift guide


text written: sneak into her closet and find her shoe sizeOn, search for pashion footwear and make a pledgeWith your backer number, reserve her shoes by returning to the page and hit Spread the word about a gift she'll love!

With different styles and colors, you can customize each pair to be the perfect gift for the important women in your life. Aside from being stylish, the comfort and convenience of Pashion heels are perfect for getting through a long work day, commuting, dancing, and anything else life throws at you.  Get ordering, because even Santa can’t compete with Pashion Footwear!