Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Featuring Pashions!

By Justyn Wolf

Hey, Pashionistas!

We understand that our Halloween plans may look a little different this year. While we may not be partaking in the traditional trick or treating, haunted houses visits, hayrides, or cocktails with the gals, we're here to keep the Halloween spirit alive by helping you feel stylish, and most importantly, safe this 31st. Whether your plans are to video chat with your girls, have a family gathering, or a socially distanced get together, we're here to give you some of the easiest costume ideas featuring Pashions for this year.

Marilyn Monroe

Lipstick near sandals

Why not dress as one of our classic gals and go as Miss Monroe? Just pair your Coal Pashionistas with a white dress and her classic 50’s curls. Add a finishing touch by applying her signature ruby red lipstick and you're ready to go!


a pair of sandal in the photo

You can always purchase a Goddess costume for this one, but it's as easy as tying a white sheet around you as a dress, adding a belt, an embellished headband, gold jewelry, and pairing with the Butterrum Sandals!



Grab your Coal Knit Pumps, a black dress and a witch's hat for this costume! You can always accessorize more with tights and a broom for the full look! 


Footwear photo

With our classic Cheetah Knit Pump, we couldn’t leave out a Cheetah outfit! Just pair your ears and other accessories with a solid colored outfit (or go full pattern) and our Cheetah Knit Pumps! You can even go all out and paint your nose for the full look! 


Footwear photo

Not feeling 2020? No problem, let's take it back to 1920 and go for a Gatsby inspired look! Pair a sparkly dress with a pearl necklace and your Mocha Knit Pumps and get ready to have a roaring night!

It’s that simple. Don’t let this year stop you from getting into the Halloween spirit if you are able to do so safely! Help us spread the spooky spirit by dressing up with your Pashions! If you rock any of our outfit ideas, or come up with a unique costume of your own featuring convertible heels, by sure to tag us in your post for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

Happy Halloween,