Five Reasons Why Convertible Heels Make the Best Gift

By Justyn Wolf

We all know the panic, “oh crap, I need a gift ASAP and don’t want to throw something together that sucks”. You tell yourself you won’t wait until the last minute, but then the time comes and you find yourself in a scramble trying to brainstorm a gift idea that she'll love. Do yourself a favor this year; skip the panic and cut to the chase since we have THE perfect gift that she will love year-round.

If that isn’t convincing enough, we have five more reasons why convertible heels are a must for this gift-giving season.

1. Convertible Heels = Two Gifts in One.

Since convertible heels are two shoes in one, that means they are also TWO gifts in one! That’s sure to make you a superstar gift-giver this season.


2. These Heels are Perfect Year-Round.

These shoes won’t just make it through the end of the year then get shoved to the back of the closet. Convertible heels are perfect for any day or event throughout the year. Convertible heels will effortlessly take you from holiday parties to wedding season, vacations, work, and long nights on the town. These shoes will be a lifesaver when it comes to tying an outfit together with a cute and practical footwear choice.


3. Convertible Heels Are About As Versatile As It Gets

These shoes can take you from a day in the boardroom to a night on the town like no other. What other shoes can do that? Oh, and you don’t need to change your shoes to change up your look, you can take your heels off in less than 3 seconds and you're good to go.


4. Taking the Heels off Your Shoes Is... Well... Unexpected

You could go the traditional way and gift the oh-so predictable gift card, gift baskets, blankets, etc, which are great, but can you imagine getting a pair of heels that change your life with the quarter-twist of the heel? If you can’t, you probably have never tried these and you need to.


5. Giving Pashions as a Gift Benefits You in the End

Ok, yes she will so appreciate these heels, but just think of how much you will benefit from giving these babies as a gift. If you’re out and her feet start to hurt, you won’t need to end the night early, listen to the oh so understandable foot pain complaints, or even, (yes I’m going to go there) watch her take a pair of flats out her purse. Save her (and yourself) from watching that and get her the game-changing heels she needs.

There you have it! Five reasons why giving Pashions as a gift is a must this holiday season! We look forward to expanding our #Pashionfam soon thanks to you awesome gift-givers!