Flash Sale with Pashion Footwear!

By Haley Pavone

Hey Pashionistas! 

We are excited to share with you that Pashion Footwear ran its first ever "flash sale" and it went great! 

The first ever Pashion Footwear flash sale was one day only.  We advertised this flash sale on Instagram, one of our most-used advertising platforms, as well as one of our most effective tools for communicating with our pashionistas. 

A good portion of those who purchased shoes during this flash sale were repeat customers - these pashionistas claimed that they wanted a second pair after being so happy with their initial pair from the Kickstarter!

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After reviewing the results of the flash sale, the "Pashionista" style was the highest-selling, particularly in black. To see all of the styles and colors Pashion Footwear offers, check out our Spring 2019 collection page. 

Thank you all for your constant support, we can't wait to get our second round of orders going this spring!