Headlining with Pashion Footwear!

By Madeline McPhail

Hey Pashionistas! 

We are so excited to be having such a great summer here at Pashion Footwear! We are also so proud of and excited for our CEO, Haley Pavone, who is traveling the West coast spreading the word about Pashion Footwear!  

Haley is currently traveling around the West coast to locations such as Los Angeles, the Bay area, Seattle, Phoenix, and Las Vegas to trade shows and boutiques to show other parts of the country Pashion heels, to tell the Pashion Footwear story, and to network with other shoe industry professionals!  

As if to aid Pashion Footwear's momentum, news outlets everywhere are exploring the issue of uncomfortable shoes, specifically heels, for women.  In fact, the Today Show released a video about the pain of heels and how to avoid it.  Little do they know that Pashion Footwear has the solution for women everywhere - a comfortable, easy-to-use heel that converts into a flat in a variety of styles to help women shine throughout their daily activities - whatever they may be! 

Click this link to watch the Today Show's segment!

Thank you to all of you Pashionistas for your ongoing support!  We look forward to keeping you updated on Haley's travels, heel news around the world, and the first order of Pashion heels that is set to arrive this winter!