How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

By Justyn Wolf
Hey Pashionistas!

With the on-going efforts to stay healthy, many of us are now working from home. While this comes with the perks of being home such as hanging out with your furry friend, wearing your favorite sweatpants, or being able to work from the couch, we know this can be quite an adjustment! With this temporary change comes getting used to working in a new environment, staying productive, and continuing to put your best self forward. We know it can be difficult to adapt to these changes, so we brought you a few tips to help you to be productive while getting into a new workflow!

Here are our go-to work from home tips!
1. Declutter
2. Create a Checklist and Stick to It
3. Block Schedule
4. Take Breaks
5. Plan Your Day in Advance

Start with a clean workspace! We agree that a clear workspace makes for a clear mind. Start by finding an area of your house where you can be the most focused, whether that's your office desk, your kitchen table, or your living room, take the time to make that your new workspace! Keep only work-essential items around you and consider putting the phone on do not disturb to minimize the distractions around you so stay productive, and get through that checklist of yours!

Create a Checklist and Stick to It
Create a checklist to map out your goals for the day and stick to it! This will help you to stay on task and complete your work more efficiently. Not to mention, crossing a to-do off your list is always a satisfying and rewarding feeling!

Block Schedule
Determine the priorities of your tasks, then how long you expect each task to take from start to finish, and how long you can work productively at a time. Whether it's two hours, three hours, four hours, or whatever your productivity window may be, use these work periods to create blocks in your day and determine which task will be completed within these blocks. For example, if you determine that you can work for 3 hours at a time and you have nine tasks to be completed throughout the day, you can create three blocks within your day, include three tasks in each block and also schedule breaks, exercise, meals, and screen time into these blocks as well. This will help you to have a balanced and productive work from home day!

Take Breaks
Yes, you should absolutely block in well-deserved breaks! After you finish your tasks, be sure to reward yourself with some social time, exercise, reading, screen time, or any of your other favorite activities!

Plan Your Day in Advance
The night before you have a productive day, be sure to write down your tasks and break them into a block schedule for the next day. This will allow you to visualize your day and help you to keep a clear vision of your goals!

What are your top tips for staying productive while being a girl boss from home! Go ahead and let us know!

Stay healthy, Pashionistas!

-Justyn Wolf