How to Support Small Businesses During COVID-19

By Justyn Wolf

While we’re all doing our best to stay healthy, we know this can be a hectic and trying time for individuals, communities, and small businesses. As we begin to hunker down and continue to stay home, we can take this time to focus our efforts on coming together to help keep businesses up and running, even with their newly compromised services.

While many businesses have made the difficult decision to close their doors for the time being and others now operating with only pick-up or delivery services, we compiled a handful of tips for how we can continue to support small businesses over these next few weeks.

Here are our favorite tips:

  1. Purchase a Gift Card or an E Gift Card
  2. Order Takeout
  3. Interact With Their Social Media
  4. Leave a Review
  5. Ask If They Have an Online Store
  6. Shop Local when Possible
  7. Donate
  8. Do a Trade

See If You Can Purchase a Gift Card or an E Gift Card

Reach out to small businesses to see if you can purchase a gift card! If they are closed, or you'd rather do so from home, many are offering an option to purchase gift cards online. This is a great way to allow the business to maintain a cash flow while their doors are closed or their services and customers are limited.

Order Takeout

Many restaurants are still allowing an option for order takeout! Check-in with their social media or their website to see if you can call ahead and see what deals they are offering. Restaurants are following a strict protocol to ensure their guests are safe and allow you to pick up your order outside or with limited public interaction.

Interact With Their Social Media

Even if you cannot directly support a business, interacting with their social media stories, updates, and posts will help them know they have a following, support, and allow them to get a better idea of what customers need during this time and how they can reshape their business to suit these needs as best as possible. Whether it’s with takeout, curbside delivery, or sending products to your house, support and direct contact will help them to better serve you until operations can return to normal.

Leave a Review

Words of encouragement always help to lift spirits up during this time. Leaving a positive review for a business you have been to before, recommending a business via social media, or leaving encouraging comments on their posts can direct customers to their business and help them to build up a following once this passes over and the business can operate as they did before.

Ask If They Have an Online Store

Many businesses offer their services or products online. This allows customers to continue to support their favorite local businesses even if they have had to shut their doors to in-person business for the time being. 

Shop Local when Possible

Before turning to the most convenient place to shop during this time, try reaching out to local or small businesses when possible to see if they have what you're looking for. Many local farmer’s markets are still available if you’re low on fresh produce, small boutiques can supply you with the perfect gift for a loved one, or your local restaurant can make you the perfect dinner for your indoor-date night!


Donations to small businesses will make a huge difference! Whether it's a direct payment to the business, a donation of supplies or your help, or even purchasing their goods and asking them to do a “pass-a-long” to first responders or those who are working tirelessly in the medical field right now. No matter which donation you chose, we can assure you, it all makes a difference!


We know times like this can bring great uncertainty, fear, and concerns. Thankfully, the way our communities have been able to come together during the past few weeks is a remarkable symbol of our strength and resilience. We thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support and encouragement every day. Thank you all for keeping our spirits high and for reminding us that we will persevere through this as one, big Pashion Family.

What are your favorite tips for assisting small businesses during this time? Let us know, we’re here to help!

XOXO, Pashionistas

Justyn Wolf