In the Shoes of Our CEO, Haley Pavone

By Haley Pavone

Hey Pashionistas!  

We are hard at work here at our San Luis Obispo office to make sure your shoes come on time, and to continue spreading the word about the world's first convertible heels.  

We wanted to take a moment, though, to recognize the woman behind it all: our CEO, Haley Pavone.  Haley started the company while still a full time student at Cal Poly.  Haley started by winning numerous competitions at Cal Poly to gain funding, and from there the sky was the limit.  Haley partnered with industry professionals to develop and test the shoes for comfort and style.  After traveling to China to evaluate and choose a manufacturing site, and going through multiple rounds of prototypes, Haley received her first shipment of Pashion heels right before walking for graduation. 


woman showcasing footwear

Since graduating, Haley has worked tirelessly with her team to launch the company (July, 2018) and to transition from kickstarter to her own Pashion Footwear website.  Now, she spends her time traveling to investors, working in the San Luis Obispo office, and making sure each of your Pashion heels arrives on time!  

Be sure to keep checking our blog for updates - we can't wait to get each of you your very own pair of convertible heels soon!