Pashion Footwear: Our Top Five Packing Hacks!

Pashion Footwear: Our Top Five Packing Hacks!

By Justyn Wolf

While our travels, trips, and adventures have been put on hold for now, we can still use this time to start planning our picture-perfect get-away! While patiently waiting to hit the road, jumping into the saltwater, or exploring your next destination, we can start by finding vacation-ready outfits and planning out how to pack that suitcase of yours! At Pashion, we’re all about staying practical, functional, and fashionable; that’s why we’re giving you tips that’ll help you pack like a pro. Not to mention our convertible heels are the perfect way to save some space in your luggage!

Here are our top 5 packing hacks:

  1. Check the Weather, Choose Activities, Then Decide What to Pack
  2. Decide How Much Room You Have
  3. Repurpose Articles of Clothing
  4. Keep Outfits Together
  5. Keep a List of Essentials for Next Time

Check the Weather, Choose Activities, Then Decide What to Pack

Once you know how many days you’ll be traveling, decide how many outfits you’ll need. Don’t forget to plan for those travel days too! Check the weather forecast in advance to determine which types of outfits you’ll need to bring, and try to account for any activities you have planned such as hikes, skiing, tours, swimming, etc. to determine if there is any special gear, or extra outfits you’ll need to pack.

Decide How Much Room You Have

Deciding if you are taking a carry on, a checked bag, or both. Layout your bags and decide how much room you have to work with. Start by trying on outfits and sticking with your choices to avoid packing extra clothing that won’t be used. 

Repurpose Articles of Clothing

We are all about saving space and being efficient here at Pashion! Save all that precious real estate in your luggage wherever you can! One great way to accomplish this is by packing a pair of Pashions! You will automatically save yourself from bringing heels and flats by having both in one shoe! Another way to save space by bringing clothing that is multifunctional. For example, repurpose clothing by bringing clothing that can double as pajamas and gym clothes. Wear your outfit to bed at night, then wear it to the gym, hiking, or another activity later! 

Keep Outfits Together

Either roll-up your outfits, stack them up on top of each other, or lay them out and take pictures on your phone so you can remember which clothing pieces go together! This will save you time while on vacation so you don’t have to spend time finding the perfect outfit you left home with! 

Keep a List of Essentials for Next Time

Keep track of the items that were essential must-haves during your trip! Keep them on a list on your phone so you always have it with you and you can pack in half the time next time!

We hope these tips help you to pack like a boss for your next adventure! You deserve it! Let us know what your favorite packing tips are!


Justyn Wolf