Tech Disrupt with Pashion Footwear

By Madeline McPhail

Hey Pashionistas!

We are so excited to share with you exciting news about Tech Disrupt, a recent conference that our CEO, Haley Pavone, attended on her West Coast Tour!  

Tech Disrupt is a conference that takes place annually for innovators and industry professionals - it is a conference for these professionals to gather, network and present on various topics and products. 

Woman is posing for picture near orange banner

This year, the conference took place September 5th - 7th and included speakers from companies such as Google and Dropbox.  Haley had a great time spreading the word about Pashion Footwear, learning about other companies, listening to speakers, and networking.  

seminar meet

We are so excited to update you on more of Haley's stops along her West Coast tour!  Keep checking the Pashion blog to read posts, see pictures, and get updates on the progress of Pashion Footwear.  As always, thank all of you pashionistas for your support - we can't wait until you have your very own Pashion heels!