The Shoe That Will Get You Through New Year’s Eve

By Justyn Wolf


New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, so when you’re picking out that perfect outfit and deciding whether you want to rock some sexy heels and bear the pain, or save your tired feet and wear flats, just know you can have heels and comfort in one shoe.

Since we are especially Pashionate about fashion and practicality, we firmly believe that you can and should have both in one shoe. With a convertible heel, you can take control over your night and choose when to show off those heels or when you're ready to change it up and convert to flats.

Whether you’re aiming for a more professional look with the Girl Boss, a fun and versatile style with the Goddess, or the classic and sleek design of the Pashionista, you’re sure to find your perfect New Year’s Eve look to complete that gorgeous outfit you have picked out.

Earlier this month, we were honored to be featured on Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas segment featuring Kym Douglas. Kym highlighted the oh-so-familiar party scene as she explained “you’re having your drinks and your appetizers...You’re in your high heels for hours. It’s so uncomfortable. Ellen, halfway through the party, I have got to get comfortable. So what you want to do is take your heel off, and you have a flat”. It’s really that easy.

Don’t be restricted by heels at your party, when you need to get comfortable, just quarter-twist that heel off in less than 3 seconds and you’re good to go! After removing the heel, Kym shared with Ellen that they are “super fun and I’m super comfy. You could dance and everything! '' Don't let foot pain stop the party, convert to flats and keep the groovy dance moves going all night long.

Happy New Year Pashionista! We can’t wait to see you all celebrating in Pashions!

- Justyn (your convertible heel and New Year’s enthusiast)