Values & Mission

By Haley Pavone

Pashion Footwear is a company created BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN. For too many decades, society has dictated how women should live, think, feel and dress…perhaps that is why high heels as they *uncomfortably* are today have been allowed to exist without improvements for so long. With an all female founding team, we know firsthand the needs and desires of our consumers – and we can’t wait to provide you with the ultimate solution to the high heel pain we have endured for FAR too long. Our #PASHIONISTAS will never again have to sacrifice practicality and comfort for fashion. Your shoes can finally do it all…just. like. YOU.

We are excited to announce the first way in which we plan to exemplify our values and live our mission. Our third line of Pashions will be known as the “Get Pashionate” Collection, in which each heel design will be color-coordinated to a specific women’s cause across the globe. A portion of the proceeds from each sale of that heel will be donated to an organization supporting that cause. The first four organizations we would like to support are the Domestic Violence Awareness Project, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the CARE Organization, andPlanned Parenthood. We are looking forward to giving back to the amazing women of the world.

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