Where Have Your Pashions Taken You?

By Justyn Wolf

Hey, Pashionistas!

During our most recent giveaway, we asked you all to share a time where Pashions either came in handy for you or could come in handy. We received an overwhelming amount of responses that gave us so many ideas about where you can wear your convertible heels! We decided to share the insights you all gave us as a way to further inspire you to find out where you want your Pashions to take you. Feel free to read through the ideas you left us and send in any additional ideas that come to you!


No matter what you're doing as a #girlboss, convertible heels will serve as a sleek and gorgeous shoe that will help you to transition through your day.

"I’m a reporter and I would love a pair for work! These would be PERFECT for those long nights on football fields and basketball courts!"

"They would come in handy teaching! Heels during work and flats as I leave and go home to chase around my one-year-old!"

"Convertible heels would be SO handy in my real estate job! I never know what kind of terrain I’ll be walking in with clients, and being able to have one pair of shoes that acts like two would be AMAZING!!!🎉"

"Wow! I just discovered these from this post! I could definitely see these coming in handy when I am teaching on my feet all day and they look so sleek!"

"These heels would totally have come in handy when transitioning from class to a work meeting. I definitely need to invest in a pair this year!"

"I always need to be in heels in the office but I also go on walks during lunch. These heels make me professional AND keep me active!! NEED THEM IN MY LIFE!"

"These are the best! I wore them during my corporate conference and they were amazing because we were constantly on the move! Also, they are a great conversation piece!"

"These would come in handy at the assemblies and regional conventions! I've been eying these babies for a while!"

"These pumps would make all the difference at the winery going from moving cases in the flat and then adding back the heel when I’m pouring! Love these!!"


We remember those long days on campus! You can walk those long distances while having heels and flats in one presentation-ready shoe!

"Super comfortable! I was at school for the entire day and had a networking event at 8 pm and had been wearing heels all day. When I got home at 10 pm my feet were so sore and bruised! Having Convertible heels to change on would have made it so easy to attend school and the event without pain!"

"Pashions will be so helpful when our speech and debate season returns!! Constantly running from building to building on campus and standing all day makes my feet so tired (& too much work to switch between sandals/slippers EVERY time). Quick & easy transitions give my feet a break or a boost when I need it most!"


Save space without limiting your footwear options. Heels and flats in one shoe means more space for what you need to pack.

"Living in Europe has meant sneakers, sneakers, sneakers, then change to heels. But not anymore!! I love walking to the restaurant in my flats then putting on heels for dinner and drinks!"

"Packing three pairs of heel in my bags for travel, and all of them being crushed 😞. Wearing one pair with different heel lengths would have saved room in my bag and allowed me to keep the shoes safe! ✈️👠"

"I loved my convertible heels in New York City! 💕 Easy to change and be comfy but elegant ☺️ These pumps would be amazing for the office!"

"These would come in handy to have in my tiny home on wheels. 🚐 It’s so very hard to stay feminine when there is very limited space to begin with. I also have chronic pain, so being able to adjust and make myself more comfortable is KEY. 💚 These will allow me to be fierce and fashionable while being minimalist, which I admire very much. Disability does not mean fashion-less!"


The last thing you want to do is go barefoot at your event or even leave early due to foot pain, take control and remove your heels when you are ready!

"Any sort of formal event! I’d seriously love to show everyone how amazing these are."

"They have been so handy for walking through city streets and then looking classy before entering the bar! I love the new block heels and can't wait to show them off."

"They come in handy when I dress up for an after-work event where I have to park 3 blocks away. Pop the heel off and power walk where I need to be."

"Would be great to wear to all the baby showers and weddings we all will be attending this fall because of COVID. 😄 Heels for photos, flats for games, dancing, and socializing! I’d wear the cheetah print everywhere!"

"New Year's Eve Party. The walk home was the easiest part of the night (also the shoes were a great party trick lol)."

"One time I wore heels to the office and it was 7/11 Slurpee day and someone wanted to get Slurpees so I had to walk really far." (Yes, at Pashion we consider Slurpee Day an event)!


Don't miss out on such a special and memorable day because of foot pain! You can wear heels at the ceremony, then dance the night away in your flats!

"I would love to have these at the next wedding I attend! Start off the wedding with my fancy heels and then move to the flats when the dancing begins! I’d also love to wear these as a teacher! I am always trying to make the most of my money. I love the idea that I can wear heels one day and the flats the next and they will look like completely different shoes!"

"On my wedding day!! Got married on the beach and taking off the heel was SO PERFECT! Then heels back on for photoshoot at the resort 😍❤️ In desperate for the black leather ones now!"

One of Our Favorites 

We wanted to include this quote left by one of our incredible Pashoinistas. We cannot thank you enough for telling others about Pashions and for sharing your insights. Our team appreciates all of your incredible support!

"I absolutely am in love with the brand of shoe and have been telling so many people about it even though I don’t even have a pair yet. It’s hard to place one specific time these shoes could be handy because there are so many but the pumps specifically would come in handy because I am a hair and makeup artist which entails being on my feet all day and looking stylish at the same time but with the safety precautions on close-toed shoes. With these shoes, I would be able to switch between the heels for meetings or until my feet start to get tired and then easily almost magically switch to flats. These shoes are seriously genius and everyone needs to know about them!! Plus it's women-owned I mean could this shoe and company get any better!"

We just wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to leave your incredible feedback. This is why we love our #pashionfam! We are so happy to share these ideas with you and we are even happier to hear about all that you are accomplishing in your convertible heels!


Justyn Wolf