Why Pashions Make the Perfect Mothers Day Gift

Why Pashions Make the Perfect Mothers Day Gift

By Justyn Wolf

Hey there, Pashionistas!

Justyn here! With mother’s day just around the corner, I wanted to share the perfect Mother’s day gift with you. We know it’s challenging to get out to our favorite stores and shop safely with current conditions, that’s why ordering online and receiving a package straight to your doorstep with no delays, is the way to go! 

My mom has wanted to try a pair of Pashions since she first saw a pair last year. As a pink fanatic, when she saw The Raspberry Suede Sandal, she was instantly sold. I decided to set up her own photoshoot and interview where she could try on and review a pair of Pashions at a winery! Little did she know I had ordered her a pair for Mother's Day and she would be unboxing her very own new pair!
My mom loves to dress up, but she also loves to be comfortable, so naturally, she was stoked about the possibility of having a heel and a flat in one, stylish shoe. I had her try on her new Pashions, give them a test drive, then asked her to tell me what she thought!

Needless to say, she was over-the-moon excited to receive her new shoes. 

footwear packing box
Here she is unboxing her new Raspberry Suede Sandals!

woman posing with foot wear

Putting her new heels on.

Once she had her new heels on, she walked around in the 4-inch stilettoes, practicing taking the heels on and off, and walked in the flats. She walked on grass, concrete, and gravel with her heels on to get comfortable with them. After giving her a chance to get the hang of them, I asked her some questions about what she thought.

“How comfortable are your Pashions?”

“These are super comfortable as stilettos and heels! They’re extremely sturdy and I feel confident and comfortable walking on all surfaces.”

“How did you feel about having heels and flats in one shoe?”

“I feel so empowered being at a winery and having control over my day. Being able to enjoy my time out, then change into flats when I’m ready has made my time out so much more enjoyable! I want to stay out all day because I know I have the option of comfort and style!”

woman posing with foot wear

Trying out the 4-inch stilettos.

“What do you think of The Raspberry Suede Sandal style that you're wearing?”

“I absolutely love this style! I can easily see myself dressing these up or down and wearing them to any occasion!”

“How versatile are these shoes?”

“I could totally wear these to work, or I could wear them to the winery. The option to have both heels and flats in one shoe allows me to fearlessly take on any activity."

woman posing with foot wear
Disassembling the heel and trying out the flat.

“How easy was is it to disassemble the shoes”

“They are so easy to use. I also really enjoy the drawstring bag for carrying the heels and the Stelo when I am wearing the flats. I have a small purse, and fitting the heels in there is no problem!”

“Would you buy another pair?”

"Definitely! These shoes are so versatile, I would love to have even more styles!"

There you have it, my own mom’s take on her first time trying Pashions. If you are looking to give your mom the Mother’s Day gift of the year, consider gifting her the most comfortable heels she’ll ever own. If you would like to treat your mom to a pair of Pashions and 50% off a pair for yourself, be sure to use the discount code MOMBOGO at checkout! Happy Mother's Day!


Justyn Wolf