Women Supporting Women with Pashion Footwear

By Haley Pavone

Hey Pashionistas!  

We are so excited to update you all on the progress here at Pashion Footwear.  Our CEO, Haley Pavone, is back from her West Coast tour and back in action here in San Luis Obiso!  Haley had a great time networking with industry professionals, showing the Pashion shoes at trade shows, and learning about other companies.  However, not only is Haley back, but the rest of the Pashion Footwear staff members that were gone over the summer are back for the new school year, and can't wait to get to work! 

Starting off the new school year and heading into Fall, Pashion Footwear feels it is important to highlight the recent movements and events in the news, and take a stance of support for the many women coming forward and who are wrongfully under scrutiny.  Namely, Pashion Footwear wants to specify support for Senator Ford, who accused Judge Kavanaugh very publicly of sexual assault last week.  The case was publicly shown on television, and many attacked her story.  However, here at Pashion Footwear, as a completely female-founded company, we encourage women supporting women, and absolutely support these survivors.  

In addition, Pashion Footwear supports recent movements such as #metoo.  This movement supports survivors who come forward, and encourages women to join the movement to support other survivors as well.  According to the #metoo website, over 17,700,000 women have reported sexual assault since 1998.  This staggering number shocks Pashion Footwear members, and these organizations and movements have Pashion Footwear's absolute support.  

Pashion Footwear can't wait to keep thriving as a company that encourages womens' confidence, individuality, power and independence.  Stay updated on our progress by following our blog and social media accounts.  We can't wait to get each of you your shoes this spring!