2019 - the Year of Pashion!

The Pashion Footwear team is thrilled to be starting off 2019 with a major milestone...our first shipment! Over the last month, we executed our first production at our overseas factory, shipped our first pallets of shoes into the United States, and - last but certainly not least - shipped out the first 180 pairs from our pre-sale campaign direct to consumer! After 2.5 years of research, development, and hard work - our innovative convertible heels are finally going to be coming to feet near you!

This is an incredibly big moment for the Pashion family, as we are going to be able to get feedback from actual customers on our game-changing product. We are looking forward to learning a lot, further perfecting our shoes, growing this business and changing the lives of women everywhere. 

If you are one of our pre-sale supporters receiving your shoes this week, then this next bit is for you! In order to help make you a total Pashion-Pro as quickly and easily as possible, we've recorded a "how-to" video on our convertible technology. Check it out for all the tips & tricks for using your Pashions to perfection!