Back to the Roots with Pashion Footwear!

Hey Pashionistas!  

We are so excited to share with you that this past week, Pashion Footwear's CEO, Haley Pavone, made an exciting appearance back where it all began - at Cal Poly!  Haley had a booth at the annual Cal Poly Convocation, which took place on September 14th in the Performing Arts Center.  At the Convocation, there were speakers, presentations of awards, an address from President Armstrong, and a reception. 

Haley also represented Pashion Footwear and supported other Cal Poly start-ups at the Cal Poly Demo Day, which also took place on September 14th at the Fremont Theatre.  Haley started Pashion Footwear through this same program, the Cal Poly Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and participated in Demo Day herself just a few years ago while still a student at Cal Poly.  

In her own words, Haley remarked on her experience touring thus far, and her quick stop in San Luis Obispo, "It’s been great spending the last few weeks on the road and meeting with some of the best footwear boutiques on the west coast. That being said, it always feels great to be back in our hometown of SLO! We are excited for all that the new school year will have in store for the CIE programs that have supported us through the last two years.”

Haley also recently travelled to Seattle on her tour, and had a blast exploring the city, meeting with industry professionals, seeing old friends, and representing the company.  

As always, Haley has done an amazing job representing Pashion Footwear thus far, and will do an amazing job continuing on her West Coast tour! We can't wait to keep you updated, and look forward to delivering each of you your Pashion heels in the spring!