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About Pashion

From the pew to the dancefloor, weddings want you to enjoy yourself a bit more than your shoes do.

At an all-day celebration, the right shoe is important. A shoe style can determine how comfortably you move, stand, and dance. And ulitimately decide how you feel at the end of the day—it’s time to put you back in control.

That’s why we designed two shoes in one.

Our conversion technology—allowing instant transformation from heel to flat—finally remedies the anxiety of sacrificing style for functionality.

Also great for...

  • Work
  • Travel
  • Date nights

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How it works

strong, &

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Detatchable heel & flat heel cap. secure twist-in mechanism for easy swapping.
Trendy uppers, all with cushioned, fully flexible soles.
Stelo support system for arch support.

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From walking the aisle to dancing the night away - convertible heels have you covered.


Meet Pashion Bride, Megan

"I eloped on July 4th (because, COVID) and wore white Pashions... INCREDIBLE!! Somehow they had NO GRASS STAINS AT ALL even after the stiletto sunk into the grass. Such incredible quality, best shoe ever. I'm 100% ordering the blocks and wearing them for our wedding part 2!!! Can't wait to bust out the flats at the reception."
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