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Block Heels.

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About Convertible Block Heels

You asked for blocks 2,314 times...

And we thought it was a GENIUS idea.

Heels have always been a fashion staple - wether it be at work, weddings, happy hour, or out on the dance floor. But - even the comfiest heels aren't always the most practical. We couldn't help but wonder how incredible it would be to have one pair of shoes that could easily take you through whatever the day throws your way.

Adding a stylish block for extra heel comfort? No brainer.

These "Block Solid" Staples are Here to Stay.

Now you aren't just changing from heels to flats - but switching up your entire look, up to 5 different ways. 3" & 4" Blocks, Stilettos - and always flats, of course. Finally - one shoe can fit every version of you. Period.

Our conversion technology—allowing instant transformation from heel to flat—finally remedies the anxiety of sacrificing style for functionality. 

Great for...

  • Weddings
  • Travel
  • Date nights

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How it works

strong, &

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Detatchable heel & flat heel cap. secure twist-in mechanism for easy swapping.
Trendy uppers, all with cushioned, fully flexible soles.
Stelo support system for arch support.

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Already own a pair of Pashions, but LOVE the new blocks?

3" & 4" Block Heel kits are now available - and they are fully interchangeable on any Pashion shoe sole! Buy your matching color today, or a new color for a custom look.


Sarah - 32, Miami FL

“I've been a fan of Pashion for a while now - but these block heels have made me a lifelong #Pashionista. Easily the comfiest & most practical shoes in my wardrobe."
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