Frequently Asked Questions

If you feel anything short of absolute LOVE for your Pashions, never fear. We offer 14-day free returns and exchanges on our products. Click HERE to execute a return or exchange.

Pashion Footwear ships internationally to the countries listed on our checkout page. Please note that our 14-day free return & exchange policy is only applicable to our US customers. International customers can still execute a return or exchange, but will need to pay all shipping fees involved.

If you decide to Preorder an item on our website, please note the following:

By placing a preorder, you are acknowledging that your item/s will not arrive within standard shipping times, rather in the shipment month announced on the product page.
Preordering is voluntary and if at any time you would like to cancel your Preorder for a full refund please do so prior to shipment of the item/s.
Payment is charged immediately at checkout not when the item ships.
If you are ordering a Preorder item with another item that is in-stock, you will only be charged shipping at checkout. Your card will not be charged again once your Preorder ships.
For returns on Preorders, you have 14 days from the day that you received the order to place a return or exchange. Please see our Returns & Exchange policy for more information.
The date listed on the product page is an approximation given to us by our manufacturer. We will continue to send out more information on exact dates as available to us.
Because we are at the early stages of production, Pashion is using this preorder system to keep up with demand while also giving our manufacturer adequate time to perfectly develop each pair.
If at any time you need further details, please contact us at

So far, we have had our shoes professionally tested for up to two years of regular wear under normal conditions - and passed with flying colors. Our shoes showed minimal signs of visible wear, both as heels and flats, and this wear had no effect on the functionality of the mechanism. You will be able to enjoy years of regular wear in your Pashions.

Most women are comfortable with the mechanism after using the mechanism three times. Brief instructions are printed in the interior of the shoe box and more detailed guidance can be found here. Once mastered, it takes less than a second to convert each heel.

Our engineering team has designed numerous security features into the heel lock mechanism to prevent against accidental shoe transformations. The technology has been tested rigorously within an industry-leading shoe lab to ensure its reliability.

All of our shoes come with a removable rubber heel cap that can be easily inserted and removed from the sole in flat form preventing debris from getting lodged in the mechanism and protecting the mechanism from wear.

The Pashion Stelo™ is the first footwear support mechanism engineered to allow the complete conversion between a flat and high heel. Inserting it provides the support, rigidity, and stability of a high heel shoe. Removing it allows the shoe to flatten into a flexible flat.

Your shoes will come shipped with a small drawstring bag for holding the removable pieces for one pair.

Yes! Pashions are fully functional for regular wear in both flat and heel form. In flat form, make sure to use the included heel cap to protect the heel mechanism.

Yes! Each pair of Pashions comes with either a 3” or 4” heel and corresponding Stelo. Alternate heel heights can be purchased separately. Heels of the same shoe size can be interchanged between all Pashion styles. For example, a 4” heel from the Goddess can also be worn on the Girl Boss.

No problem! Extra accessories can be purchased in our online store - email for more information.

80% of our customers say our shoes fit true to size, with a standard width (medium, B). 20% of our customers say the shoes run slightly large. We recommend ordering a half size down if you are in-between sizes, or prefer a tighter fit.

Our shoes have been engineered by footwear professionals with experience in companies like Nike, Adidas, and Ariat. Numerous comfort features have been utilized to optimize our shoes' comfort, such as the integration of polyurethane padding within the insole.