Haley Pavone

Founder & CEO

Haley started the company as a sophomore in college. Her inspiration for the shoe’s development arrived after removing her painful high heels and dancing barefoot only to be impaled in the foot by another girl’s stiletto heel.Read MoreIn just two years, she assembled a team of footwear experts, experienced advisors and dedicated student entrepreneurs. Together they designed and engineered the innovative mechanism, raised a seed round of funding, obtained patent-pending status in 30 countries, sourced overseas manufacturing, and obtained the first samples of her beautiful and fully-functioning convertible high heels. Pre-sales of the company’s first line of shoes launched just one month after Haley crossed the graduation stage…wearing her very own pair of Pashions, of course.

As a female entrepreneur, Haley is driven by a desire to create products that better the lives of women across the globe. Her charisma and unyielding drive make her a powerful, young entrepreneur to watch for many years to come.

Pashion Team

Jessica Norman

Chief Operating Officer

Ariana Burton

VP Marketing & Promotions

Robby Ringer

Director of Product Development & Production

Seiji van Bronkhorst

Design Director

David Perry

Footwear Engineer

Danny Peter

Footwear Designer

Yaqin Long

Product Developer & Factory Relations Manager

Carina Hamel

Production Agent

Kristina Kurcinka

Lead Product Developer

Justyn Wolf

Marketing Associate

Maggie Oros

Customer Journey Manager


Forrest Fleming

Founder & Former CEO at TrueVision Systems and ScentAir

Julie Henley McNamara

Chairwoman - BOD
Operating Partner at Entrada Ventures

John Townsend

Executive Director at Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship