Pashion Footwear

Making Convertible Heels a Reality

Our Vision

Practical + Fashion = Pashion

Pashion Footwear dreams of a day where women can fully customize their convertible high heels to assure that their shoes can adapt to their day as epically as they do.

Our Mission

Women Can Have it All

At Pashion Footwear we strive to create a community of women across the world who embrace doing it all with comfort, style, and practicality always in mind.

Our Values

Uniting All Women

Our team is pashionate about creating not only beautiful products, but empowering women to always lift each other up. Pashion Footwear believes in uniting women in all walks of life.


The Convertible Heel Story

How one high heel accident led to a game-changing
innovation in the realm of women's footwear.