Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to use the shoes?

We have found that most women are total Pashion pros after three tries with the mechanism. Instructions are included in the shoe box and are posted on this site. Once mastered, it takes less than a second to convert each heel.

Will the heel disassemble by accident?

Our engineering team has designed numerous security features into the heel lock mechanism to prevent against accidental shoe transformations. The technology has been tested rigorously within an industry-leading shoe lab to ensure its reliability.

How can I protect the heel mechanism in flat form?

All of our shoes come with a removable rubber heel cap that can be easily inserted and removed from the sole in flat form preventing debris from getting lodged in the mechanism and protecting the mechanism from wear.

What is a Stelo?

The Stelo is our patent-pending removable arch support that allows quick and easy transition between heel and flat. This first ever footwear support mechanism has been engineered to be safely removable and re-integratable into a high heel sole allowing the shoe to maintain the rigid structure necessary for a safe and functional high heel while operating as a comfortable and flexible sandal when the Stelo is removed.

Where do I store my heels and Stelo when disassembled?

Heels will come shipped with a drawstring bag for holding the supporting pieces. All six pieces (the heel, Stelo, and heel cap for each foot) fit in the bag. It’s roughly the size of a sunglass case.

Can I wear my shoes as both flat and heels regularly?

Yes! Pashions are fully functional for regular wear in both flat and heel form. In flat form, make sure to use the included heel cap to protect the heel mechanism.

Can shoes be worn with either the 3” or 4” heel?

Yes! Each pair of Pashions comes with either a 3” or 4” heel and Stelo. The alternate heel height can be purchased separately. All heels are also interchangeable between all Pashion styles. For example, a 4” heel from the Goddess can also be worn on the Girl Boss.

What happens if I lose a heel, heel cap, or my drawstring bag?

No problem. Extra accessories can be purchased in our online store.

Do Pashions run big, small, or true to size?

The feedback from our Pashionistas has been very consistent…the shoes run very true to size. All shoes come in medium widths.

Are Pashions comfortable as both heels and flats?

Our shoes have been engineered by footwear professionals previously working for companies like Nike, Adidas, and Ariat. Numerous comfort features have been added, such as the integration of polyurethane padding within the insole, based on their experience in developing some of the world’s most comfy shoes.