Convert Heels to Flats in Less Than a Second

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How Pashions Work

Making Convertible Heels a Reality

The Pashion Stelo™ is the first footwear support mechanism engineered to allow the complete conversion between a flat and high heel. Inserting it provides the support, rigidity, and stability of a high heel shoe. Removing it allows the shoe to flatten into a flexible flat.

Converting your Pashions

To Flat

  • Twist the heel clockwise a quarter turn to unlock
  • Lift the heel from the heel of the sole
  • Remove the Stelo from the sole
  • Pop the flat heel cap into the heel of the sole

    To High Heel

    • Remove the flat heel cap from the shoe
    • Hook the tip of the Stelo under the pin in the sole
    • Align the locking mechanism by turning the heel a quarter turn clockwise from the Stelo
    • Push heel into heel of sole.
    • Twist the heel a quarter turn counter-clockwise to lock it in place

    What You Get

    Pashion’s Convertible Tech Package


    Every pair of Pashions comes with one full Pashion Convertible Tech package. The package includes the patent-pending removable Stelo (arch support), removable  heels*, and rubber heel caps to protect the shoes while worn as flats.  A drawstring bag is included to easily stow away parts when not in use.


    *Additional heel height kits can be purchased separately.