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Health Benefits

Always Supported

Our patent-pending Stelo™ support system creates the needed structure for a heel when inserted. When removed, our memory foam midsole provides flat arch support - more than most flats on the market for extra comfort.

Absorbs impact

Our polyuerthane sole absorbs impact like an athletic shoe...making both our heels & flats exceptionally comfortable.

Adapts to fit

Our flexible sole adapts to fit your foot as either a heel or flat.

Heel-to-flat transformation for extra comfort

No matter what the day throws your way - you'll be ready. Your high heels should never slow you down...that's why we created two shoes in one.

Tested by Heeluxe

Pashion has partnered with Heeluxe, a testing facility based in California that has put our shoes to the test for durability, strength and comfort. Heeluxe is an internationally trusted partner, having experience with many other renowned footware brands.

Trusted by Brands Alike

  • allbirds
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Keen
  • Rothy's

Be ready for anything.

  • Work
  • Travel
  • Date Nights

However you spend your time, the right shoe is critical for comfort. We also know style is important. That's why we make sure you not only can feel good, but look good at the end of the day. It’s time to put you back in control.

More styles,
less money

1 shoe


1 extra heel


3 styles

With multiple heels that can be paired with any convertible shoe, you’ve got endless combinations to choose from.