3, 2, 1 .. Pashion!

By Madeline McPhail

Hey Pashionistas!

Today our kickstarter went LIVE for all those interested in Pashion Footwear! That’s right, our kickstarter page is up and running, open to the public, and already over 20% funded!  

Now it’s time to spread the word.  Let all of your friends, family members, and colleagues know about Pashion Footwear by inviting them to be members of our Facebook Insiders page, to follow our Instagram account, and by sending them the following link to order their very own pair of Pashion heels:


Lady wearing sandalsgroup smiling for picture

We had so much fun introducing our prototypes to shoppers at Avanti Clothing Boutique last night, and can’t wait to host more similar events in the future!  An array of pashionistas showed up to support Pashion Footwear at the event, including professors, students, ambassadors, and employees of various businesses downtown.

Ladies posing for photo

We hope you have a great week promoting Pashion Footwear, and will keep you updated on our Kickstarter progress.  Pashion Footwear is counting down the days until the first shipment arrives for all of you pashionistas in the winter - make sure you order now so that your pair is included!  Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to updating you soon!