First Ever Customer Spotlight Interview

By Justyn Wolf
Hi, Pashionistas!

We wanted to go ahead and highlight one of our first ever customers! This Pashionista bought her first pair of convertible heels during our Kickstarter in 2018 and has purchased a pair from every collection since then! We wanted to interview her to learn more about what she loves so much about our brand, products, and values.

"Tell us about yourself! What’s your name, where are you from, what do you do for work, and what do you do for fun?"

"My name is Maggie and I am from Baltimore, Maryland! I work in Marketing and love to be outdoors."

"What made you decide to purchase your first pair of Pashions?"

"I had stumbled across the Kickstarter and absolutely fell in love. I own SO. MANY. SHOES. To see a pair of high heels that also act like a flat was INCREDIBLE!! I had to have them. I couldn't stop talking about them for weeks..."

"What is your favorite aspect of the brand?"

"Pashion is real, functional, and stylish. It is truly created by women, for women!"

"What are some things you like best about your convertible heels?"

"My favorite thing is always having an option - I can carry the heel bag even when I plan to wear flats, but I am always prepared to throw heels on if I want to step it up! Having this type of versatility is unheard of in the shoe world. I also love showing all the women that complain about their heels at the end of the night that it doesn't have to be that way!"

"Where are your favorite places to wear your Pashions and why?"

"I love wearing my Pashions to work. I wear them flat when I walk to work then either convert them into heels when I arrive, or when it's time for the after-work happy hour!"

"What are you most excited for us to come out with in the future?"

"I am hoping for BLOCK HEELS! I would love to have the ability to swap out the heel on the Pashions I already own - that would make them EVEN BETTER!! I would also love to see some embroidered heel options - to spunk up a simple black heel."

We are so thankful for Maggie's thoughtful responses and insight! We love that she enjoys the functionality and practicality of having a heel and a flat in one fashionable and comfortable shoe. Even better, we now offer 3 and 4-inch block heels on our website! This product was in high demand, so we listened, worked to create the perfect block heel, and they are now here! Keep your eyes out for the possibility of an embroidered style in the future as well as other exciting styles and colors!

There you have it! Our very first customer spotlight interview! If you’d like to be featured in our next interview, let us know!


-Justyn Wolf