Incredible Feedback from Fellow Pashionista, Asia Croson!

By Ariana Burton

Hey Pashionistas!

We’re back to update you all on some incredible feedback from a fellow Pashionista!

While on a photo shoot last week, our photographer, Asia Croson, wore her Pashions and expressed to us how much she loved them.

Asia Croson, the owner of a successful photography business in San Luis Obispo is also a dedicated Pashionista who LOVES her convertible heels. 

Asia struggles with plantar fasciitis, a condition which causes pain and swelling in the tissues that connect the toes to the heel. Asia further explained by stating that her “feet are super wide, so all of the cute tennis shoes that I thought would help my feet destroyed them - I couldn’t sleep, had to wear a boot at night, ice my feet, couldn’t be on my feet for hours (like I need to be for my job)”. 

Despite the pain Asia was experiencing, she proceeded to purchase a pair of Pashions for herself, “even though I was like these will probably totally kill my feet, I wore them anyway (because at that point everything hurt). To my surprise, my feet did not hurt that night or the next. I think the reason Pashions are so comfortable for me is the ability to allow my feet to be as wide as they are, without constricting the nerves. I couldn’t believe it. I honestly wear them every day and am in so much less pain! A Pashion miracle”. The arch support and breathability that Pashions have to offer have helped to alleviate her severe and persistent foot pain. What other heels can accomplish that?

Not only did Pashions help Asia with her foot pain, but they also provided her with two stylish shoes intertwined into one. Asia also shared that her “Pashions are PERFECT for in and out of the office - I can wear them on shoots and in the office as flats and can go right to post-work activities no problem with the heels. Before I was wearing tennis shoes to shoots and having to change my entire outfit before going out (because only athletic wear looks good with tennis shoes!) - it’s made my life so much easier”.

We are so happy to hear that Pashions have provided Asia with the comfort and style that she deserves.

Lots of Love,

Pashion Team


Written by: Justyn Wolf