Polycast with Pashion Footwear!

Polycast with Pashion Footwear!

By Madeline McPhail

Hey Pashionistas!  

We are so excited to share with you that Pashion Footwear's Founder, President, and CEO, Haley Pavone, was recently featured on Polycast, a local podcast in San Luis Obispo.  

Polycast was created by David Kozuch, a Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering student. In this podcast, Haley discussed with David how she started Pashion Footwear while also a full-time student at Cal Poly. She went on to tell the story of how the company started its' journey with the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, moving through each of their offered programs into a fully independent and funded business. 

As always, Haley had a great time telling the story of Pashion Footwear and was honored to be invited a guest speaker alongside David on Polycast. Haley reminded listeners to watch out for the company's official launch this June. Tune in to hear for yourself about the Pashion Footwear journey and to support the world's first convertible heels!  

Thank you always for your support - Pashion Footwear is pumped to have women in shoes that do as much as they do each day!