The Pashionista

The Pashionista Collection

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of heels, but so many women settle for uncomfortable heels or flats that lack proper arch and heel support.

The fact is that women are expected to sacrifice comfort for confidence. Boldness for blisters. Fierceness for foot pain. At Pashion Footwear, we’ve sought to end the stiletto struggle and high heel hustle.

We’re proud to be the brand behind the world’s first convertible high heel. Our line of designer shoes with removable heels transform in a matter of seconds. With a twist and pull, you can take things down an inch (or three, or four…), transforming your heels into cute comfy flats.

The Pashionista is our original and most popular heel to date. We proudly debuted these heels on Shark Tank to showcase our innovative design. To date, we’ve sold thousands of pairs of comfortable, interchangeable heels!

The Perfect Heel for Any Occasion

Every woman needs a good pair of heels. What’s great about the Pashionista is that this shoe is available in a variety of styles, colors, and heights. So, whether you’re going out with the girls, attending a wedding, or transforming into the ultimate boss babe, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Pashionistas.

The best part is that you can finally leave your spare pair of flats or flip flops at home. With a pair of Pashionistas on your feet, you’ll never want to take them off. They are that comfortable! You can walk the walk without regretting it in the morning.

Endless Styles and Designs

At Pashion Footwear, we’re all about innovation. We’ve taken our original shoe design and transformed it into dozens of new styles. Who says you can’t own the same shoe twice?

While our original design featured a leather design, our Pashionista collection continues to expand. Today we offer this shoe in patent leather, suede, and all sorts of colors, including:

  • ● Red
  • ● Whiskey
  • ● Champagne
  • ● Nude
  • ● Royal blue
  • ● Tangerine

No matter the style or color you choose, the Pashionista can be personalized with new heels. Go from stilettos to 4” block heels to flats in a snap!

Comfortable Heels Are Possible

Our heels are made with removable Stelo™ high heel structure support to keep you walking without aches and pains all day long. The combination of flexible soles and detachable heel kits turns any pair of heels into flats in a matter of seconds.

Customize your look by swapping out the classic heels with one of the dozens of heel kits that we offer.

We never imagined that our Shark Tank high heels would take us to such amazing heights. However, we’re proud to give women all over the world heels that they can wear with total confidence and comfort. Stop sacrificing and make the switch to a convertible heel!