Why You Should Gift Pashions This Season

By Justyn Wolf

Hey, Pashionistas!

Cooler weather, festive music, and decorative lights are all tell-tale signs that the gift-giving season is getting closer and closer. Before the last-minute gifting frenzy begins, we are here to help you figure out your holiday gifting game plan. This year, convertible heels are the way to go! Give her the gift of versatility, comfort, and style while receiving the unofficial title of "the most badass gift-giver". We know that picking just the right surprise for the lovely ladies in your life can be tricky, so we’re here to help you pick the perfect style, size, or even give you a way to let her pick exactly what she wants while you just pick up the tab. Gifting has never been easier.

Which Style to Get for Her?
Sandals collections
Preppy and fun
The Sandal is the ideal style to grab for the gal who is on the go. She can step into her exciting plans with our classic criss-cross design. We also offer this style in suede, leather and patent leather to match any style.
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Professional and sleek
The Pump is the perfect convertible heel for the gal going for a sleek, work-ready look. These breathable, knit shoes will transition ever so smoothly from the office to a night out with the girls! She is sure to keep any outfit “on point” with this style.
Sandals collections
The Pashionista is the style for the gal who is classic and versatile. This style will accompany any gal who needs a shoe that will compliment her style for any occasion. The Pashionista is our signature style that is sure to match any look for work, a night out, traveling, you name it.
Don’t Know Her Size?
Don’t worry, there’re plenty of ways to find out! You could always look at her heels when she's not around to see what size they are, you could tell her you have a pair of shoes that don't fit and ask what size she is in case she wants them, or you could always go bowling or ice skating and see what size she asks for there! You can be sneaky without spoiling the surprise, but if you don’t get the chance, we offer free returns and exchanges for 30 days.
Still Not Sure?
Gift Cards are here just in time to eliminate the worry. Head to our website now and purchase one of our e-gift cards! Let her pick out her dream convertible heels while you just pick up the tab. It's that easy.
No matter what your gifting strategy is this holiday season, we’re here to make sure you get her the gift that stands out and she will love all year. Happy gift-giving, Pashionistas.
Justyn Wolf