Pashionistas are Talking

To find out what women thought of our shoes, we gave out sample pairs to these five Pashionistas and invited them to wear them for a day. They had lots to say!

A Day In Her Shoes

“They are really fun and definitely fit my personal style. I would say these shoes are definitely true to size. I thought my feet were going to ache at the end of the day, but they were actually quite comfortable. They are definitely something great for travel!”


“I went to Target for an hour and a half today- luckily, I could just pop my heels off and walk around in the flats!  It took me less than two seconds to convert them. I never felt like the heel was going to come off unless I wanted it to.  I felt fabulous…like a trendsetter.”


“Being someone that doesn’t walk around in heels, that was my own challenge but I felt like my foot was pretty secure. Really easy [to use] and fun… I liked showing it off to my friends.”


“The more I converted the heels back and forth, the more I got used to it and the quicker the process became. I have bigger arches and I liked how the shoes arched with my feet.”


“It took me under a minute to learn how to use them. I kept finding myself wanting to convert them from heel to flat. I thought they were so fun and I was excited to show everyone at work what I was wearing.”